Here are a few little tips to help with buying pictures from the sales website!


When deciding which pictures to purchase, we always recommend viewing the pictures on a desktop computer or laptop, especially when buying photos to print or buying physically printed pictures- why? When you view pictures from a photographer's website or even on Facebook on a mobile phone, the pictures are compressed and appear sharper and clearer on the display of the mobile device than they actually are, this means the photo that looked beautifully clear, in focus and crisp on your phone may arrive looking blurry, pixelated or out of focus when your order is downloaded onto a computer or printed/displayed larger. As a personal choice we very, very rarely edit and/or post pictures where we've missed the focus but I always still recommend it to avoid disappointment and to ensure you’re getting the very best quality possible.


When you receive your download links- It is important that when you click on the link, you download the files to receive the photos as .zip files. The zip file should download to your downloads folder on your computer. Many computers are set up to automatically un-zip files so the folder is already open. If your computer is not set up that way, you just need to un-zip your pictures downloaded folder. It is slightly different between Mac and PC. Here are some guides to unzipping .zip files if you aren’t familiar.

Downloading to a mobile phone is similar, it will download the pictures into a folder in your downloads folder, which you can then select and unzip (you may need to download an unzipping app if your phone isn’t very recent and doesn’t already have it downloaded).

If you still can’t access your pictures please email us at and we will send the images manually.


It is important when you upload the pictures to Facebook, socials and websites that you directly post the JPG file that you have unzipped and NOT a screenshot of the picture that you unzipped, posting a screenshot will greatly reduce the quality of the image that you have paid for and may leave it looking blurry and distorted, as the image you have bought is sized to look optimal on Facebook and socials, and any further reduction or compression of the image (screenshotting, re-editing on a phone or 3rd party app) will mean it looks worse when posted than when purchased.