The BGP photography philosophy...

The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else” ― Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well, who would have thought Arnie and I had something in common!

I aim to stand apart. I pride myself on creating a look that stands out from anything else being done in the huge equine photography world. I describe my work as "Pastel Perfection". Sharp details, clear focus, crisp subject separation, and a dreamy color palette form the core tenets of my photography philosophy. While my style may be polarising, I couldn't be more proud of finding my own completely individual niche in such a widely done art form. Cameras these days are so advanced, that anyone can take fantastic photos- I believe the strength of a photographer lies in what they have to say through their editing and individual style.

The second important thing to me is affordability. I was once the young horse girl obsessed with their post-event photos, and I never want beautiful memories to be financially inaccessible to anyone. I keep my prices low and I never punish anyone for wanting more, with generous multi-image discounts and affordable private rates. I want my services to be accessible by all, and not just those with a premium budget.

So that's my photos- scroll down to read a little more about me personally and meet the team!

I'm Britt- it's nice to meet you!

A passion for the arts led me back to photography after years spent working with and riding horses. My primary love lay with equine, pet, and couple portrait photography. In every photo, I try to capture the feelings being given to me in the moment, the love, the focus, the determination, the passion. I’ve traveled around the world working with the top equestrian athletes and this combined with my background in riding gives me an exceptional eye for what looks good when it comes to you and your equine partner, and helps me, help you, to look your most amazing. Knowledge gained from professional portrait photographers through on-the-job mentorships and dedicated study combined with modern, industry-leading equipment means that I can confidently capture moments you’ll cherish forever.

When I'm not snapping away with my camera, you can usually find me at home with a good book, my partner, and our kids- when I say kids I mean 2 spoiled rotten cats- Raymond Holt and Doug Judy ( Doug is pictured to the right!). A retired racehorse named Chief rounds out our little family. I moved back to Canberra in 2018 after living in England for the 2 years prior to that, it was over there while traveling to competitions and seeing the international event photographers that I thought perhaps I’d be breaking things a bit less often if I was behind the lens and not the ears! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my pictures out and about in the world and being used by people across all manner of mediums.

If you’re looking for some special pictures of you and your loved one/s, your fur family, an event (social or equine!) or have any other photographic needs, I’d love to meet and see what we can make together!

BGP's eponymous Britt, with Chief Snuggle and Snack Officer Doug Judy

Meet Mike!

( He's the one on the left, not the cutie on the right 😍)

Mike is my fiance, driver, personal assistant, an all-around legend, and now the BGP second shooter! Mike doesn't come from a horse background, nor a photography background- how then?- you may ask, did he come to be the BGP second shooter?!

When starting this endeavor, I was pretty sure I was going to remain a one-man show as I wanted a BGP photo to be something unique, and to have consistency across the board- I want you to know that when you're getting a BGP photo, you're getting my work. Because of this, I wouldn't be comfortable asking another skilled photographer to change their editing and/or shooting style to shoot my brand, and it would take full-time intensive teaching to educate a beginner in the way I shoot, think, frame, edit and approach each image- time that I nor anyone else would have. Unfortunately, being solo meant I had to compromise coverage for quality and I was uncomfortable booking larger events where I couldn't guarantee coverage for all attendees. While pondering the problem it occurred to me that there had in fact been someone listening to all my tips and techniques over the last 2 years, someone that was already at most events I attended and spent plenty of time with me- enter Mike! Alongside all that he has learned living and traveling with me to past events, he's had a 2-month 4-event intensive training program and he's come through spectacularly! Mike, we discovered, has quite the eye for photography- and showjumping in particular! His photos have been wowing people since his first competition and the best part? Mike is basically an extension of me! All his images are still processed, crop-adjusted, and edited by me- so you know you're still getting that personal touch and quality with your pictures! ❤️

Mike and Raymond Holt having a cuddle while out visiting Chief

Kind words from those I've captured...

Kind words from those I've captured...

Tammy K

1 / 3

"Britt is a very talented photographer. Her creativity shows through in her images. I love that her website is easy to use with instant downloads and prices are affordable. I recommend Britt ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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